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Some Notes on Timber

Posted by Carson Shold on

What's in this demo

Check out the Timber documentation to learn more about using this framework in your own projects.

This demo shop has a few things included in it:

  • A few demo products
  • An ajax cart enabled
  • Customer accounts enabled
  • Contact page
  • Custom logo (via theme settings)

Where's the style?

Timber has very little style so you can use your CSS chops to create a sweet custom shop. That means you don't have to remove a lot of code to get to a good starting place.

What does a Timber look like blank?

Things included in this demo are not necessarily enabled by default on brand new Shopify stores. By default, you'll have no products, accounts disabled, no logo, no contact page, among other features disabled.

Check out Timber installed on a brand new store

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